A great big Thank You to all our sponsors! You all help make our show possible – and hopefully one to be remembered.

It is a big show with 1950 birds entered by 160 exhibitors. Our sponsors have donated money, feed as prizes, raffle prizes and feed to feed the birds during the show and/or published articles to promote our show.

All our sponsors are named below – in no particular order, together with their contact details and, if available, a link to their web page plus a short description of what they have to offer.

Weston Animal Nutrition 

Manufacturers of poultry (and other stock) feeds, located in Rangiora. Chookmanor, Dawes (in Halswell Junction Road), The Feed Shack in Rangiora, Popular Pets are the main local outlets that sell Weston poultry feeds. For a comprehensive list see their website http://www.wan-nz.co.nz/outlets.html

Weston is one of very few poultry feed manufacturers who still use meat and bone meal – and not solely GM soy – to manufacture the various poultry feed products. This is evident in healthy chicks that grow very well and hens who reach their laying potential.

For more information see their website: http://www.wan-nz.co.nz

A list of retailers who sell Weston Feeds can be found at the bottom of this list.

LifestyleBlock Magazine

The magazine for the lifestyler with heaps of informative articles, including a poultry section, in every issue. Copies can be purchased from supermarkets and other outlets that sell magazines or you can buy a subscription via their website:


Mainfeeds Barnyard Poultry Feeds

Barnyard Poultry feeds are available from supermarkets and PGG Wrightson outlets nationwide. Their feeds are nutritionally balanced and contain a proportion of meat and bone meal – something poultry fanciers know to value.

For more information please see http://www.mainfeeds.co.nz

Farmlands and NRM

Two well known brands: Farmlands is a one-stop farm supply store with outlets throughout New Zealand. NRM is the manufacturer of the well-known Peck’N Lay layer pellet brand. NRM manufactures a number of poultry and animal feeds which are sold at Farmlands stores and PGG Wrightson outlets.

For more information please view

http://www.nrm.co.nz and


Balcairn Stockfoods

Located in Balcairn between Christchurch and Amberley, Balcairn Stockfoods carry a wide range of stock feeds and poultry health products. See their website www.balcairnstockfoods.co.nz

Mark Sutton Engineering

Mark manufactures his poultry treadle feeders right here in Christchurch. His feeders are available in 3 sizes and can be purchased directly from his premises in 4 Coleridge Street in Sydenham, Christchurch or bought by mail order. For more information see their website www.marksutton.co.nz

Heslips Hatcheries

We often get asked where Shavers can be purchased and Heslips Hatcheries offers the complete range. Based in Fairlie in South Canterbury, Glen and Phillipa deliver to most South Island destinations every 6 weeks with day-old pullets and point-of-lay pullets. They also deliver Cobb chicks. For more information please view  www.heslipshatcheries.co.nz

Dawes Grain & Stock Feeds

Located in 593 Halswell Junction Road between Springs Road and Sparks Road, this outlet sells Weston Stock Feeds plus feeders, waterers, poultry health products, straw, wood shavings, etc. They do not have a website but rely on word-of-mouth which works well for them.

Clarkville Stock Feeds

Located in Clarkville just north of the Waimakariri River Bridge, this is another stockist of the Westons range of poultry feeds. They also carry a wide range of poultry products and more information is available on their website www.clarkevillestockfeeds.com

Cool Critters Cartage

Based in Christchurch, Owl travels to all parts of New Zealand. She provides poultry cages at no extra cost and transports anything that fits into her van. She has a facebook page Cool Critters Cartage and can be contacted on 027 270 5454

Popular Pets

Based in Christchurch in the Marshlands area,  Popular Pets are a distributor of Weston’s Stock Feeds, provide assistance for international travel of pets (dogs and cats mainly) and, of course, breed a number of poultry breeds. They are known as a seller of very reasonably priced day-old heritage breed chicks.

Chookmanor  ‘Your one Stop Chook Shop’

Located in Little River just off the highway to Akaroa. Mail orders sent out promptly. Gregg has a stall at our show and sells everything from incubators, poultry health products, feeders and waterers  to coops. See their website www.chookmanor.co.nz


Retailers who sell Weston Feeds: