With the show now over we have posted a number of photos to give those who weren’t able to come to our show an impression of what it was like. All photos are copyright. We do, however, give permission to share our photos for non-commercial purposes as long as the source is acknowledged with a link to our website http://www.poultryclub.co.nz.

The wait before the official opening: John Taylor, Mark Lilley, Jose Doo and Robyn Thompson in the foyer.


Our ladies in costumes – Kathryn Bunton and Pam Jackson – waiting for the mayoress to arrive.


The Mayoress of Christchurch, Leanne Dalziel, shortly before officially opening the New Zealand National Poultry Show which is hosted by the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club to celebrate its 150th Anniversary Show.



On the Friday, Mayoress Leanne Dalziel opened our show. Our ladies in costumes showered her with feathers while she cut the red ribbon.


Leanne had a good time looking at the birds and talking to Brian Glassey.



Judging in full swing. Judge Fiona Taylor, who is the president of the Waikato Poultry and Pigeon Club, judging a White Silkie, with steward Bob Dawber watching with interest.


Fiona even is on her knees to assess how the Silkie stands and whether its shape conforms to the standard. Bob Dawber, Rhys Lilley and Ashley Shadbolt watch intently.


Ian Selby, who compiled the latest edition of the New Zealand Poultry Standard, judging some of the last birds while the public is looking at the birds.


With the judging almost complete,the first members of the public arrive to view the birds.



The Best Bird in Show, a large fowl  White Wyandotte pullet and its breeder, Michael Ashton from Hawkes Bay.


Michael Ashton holding his Best in Show pullet, just before being presented with the trophy for Best in Show. Brett Hawker (on left) and Sheldon Gunn (on right),  judged the line-up of best-in-group to find the best bird in show.


Ray Gibb, Darcy Philp, Michael Ashton and Rodger Buschl with the trophy for Best in Show in the foreground.

From left: Ray Gibb with his Best Hard Feathered Bantam, a Light Red or Wheaton Old English Game Bantam pullet,

Darcy Philp holds his Best Fancy Bantam – a Black Australorp Bantam hen,

Michael Ashton with his Best Heavy Breed and Best in Show large fowl WhiteWyandotte pullet and

Rodger Buschl with his Best Light Breed White Leghorn hen.

Best Waterfowl went to Helen Callaghan’s White Pekin Duck and Best Hard Feather Fowl went to Chris Dale’s Pile Old English game cockerel (not present).


Meticulously prepared this White Wyandotte pullet is a stunner with snow white plumage (the photo does not do her justice, she really was snow white) and outstanding shape.


A close-up of her head shows her near-perfect rose comb.


The proud winner – Michael Ashton from Hawkes Bay. Michael also was one of our judges – thank you for judging at our show, we hope you enjoyed the experience.

Pecking Order star Brian Glassey, wearing a Pecking Order T-Shirt, with one of his Black Australorp bantams who did very well at the show.


The artistic egg display:


The egg display after judging. Egg shell quality, freshness and consistency of albumen are among the criteria used to find the best egg.


Pam Jackson in costume with some of the cage birds.


A selection of the birds that were judged Best of Group:

Best Fancy Bantam: Darcy Philp’s Black Australorp Bantam.


Best Heavy Breed and Best in Show: Michael Ashton’s large fowl White Wyamdotte pullet.


Best Racing Pigeon. Gerry Snippers and Son’s Racing Homer 500km and under 649km


Best Fancy Pigeon: R & A Brown’s Magpie


Best Junior Poultry: Wyatt Woods’ White Wyandotte bantam hen.


Best Light Breed: Roger and Pam Bushel’s White Leghorn hen.



Best Duck: Helen Callaghan’s Pekin Duck.


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Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club

Preparations for the show: it’s busy in the office with (from left)  Kathryn Bunton, Tara Gibson and Sarah Wyllie filling the goodie bags.


Every year Beth Inwood makes sure our trophies are in tip-top condition and labelled.


Sarah Wyllie, our club secretary, and Mark Lilley, the president, showing off one of the medals that will be given to the winners of National Championships.


Close-up view of one of the medals which is based on a medal awarded by the Sydenham Club in the late 19th century. For details see our History book.


Setting up the cages for the show has made progress.


4 days before penning night. Some of our helpers in the half-empty hall. 1950 cages need to be set up and less than half have been set up so far.


The hall on the Friday night, 6 days before penning day. A lot of work needs to be done during the coming 6 days just to set up the 1950 cages.