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All your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will be answered on New Zealand’s only dedicated Poultry Forum, run by the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club In

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Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club



The web site of the New Zealand Poultry Association, the governing body of all New Zealand Poultry Clubs. This site provides information about all New Zealand Poultry, pigeon and cage bird clubs including contact details and show dates.


Website of the Ashburton Fanciers Society


Website of the Waikato Poultry and Pigeon Club



Website of the Nelson Poultry and Pigeon Association



The website of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand. It features many of the poultry breeds we have here in New Zealand plus has a breeders directory