Impressions from our National Show

We have taken plenty of photos and you’ll be able to view them by going to ‘National Show’. Here just one photo of the Best in Show Poultry – a beautiful White Wyandotte pullet, exhibited by Michael Ashton.


Beautifully presented this photo does not do her justice. She is snow white and a very big pullet. She stood out among the other Wyandottes to become Best Heavy Breed and she was judged Best in Show at the New Zealand National Show 2017.

Our New Zealand National Show is Open Today

Visit our show between 9am and 5pm today and see the line-up of beautiful birds. Entry is $5 per adult, school children are free. Parking is limited at our venue at the Table Tennis Canterbury Stadium in 294 Blenheim Road, just opposite the Big Red Shed.

We have raffle tickets for sale at $2 each, commemorative caps ($15) and commemorative beanies ($25) and a book about the 150 year History of the Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club ($20 per copy) to help raise funds to cover costs of holding our shows.


Judge Fiona Taylor with steward Bob Dawber judging a White Silkie on Friday.


Presenting of the Trophy for Best Poultry in Show to Michael Ashton who is holding his Large Fowl White Wyandotte Pullet.

We are Making Progress

One row at a time!


Jose and Kathryn putting up some of the last big cages.


The Centre Row with Jenny and Mark, the egg display table in the foreground.


This is what we are all aspiring to win: a New Zealand Championship for Best of Breed:


Sarah and Mark showing off one of the medals.


The Monday before the National Show

The setting up for the show started this past Friday and this morning (Monday) the hall looked like this:


A few hours later we had made more progress:


There still is heaps to do before Thursday, 3pm, when penning will start.

There is a Poultry Show Near You!

North Island Poultry Shows

North Island Shows Date
Whangarei Poultry Show 27 May to 28 May, 2017
Hastings Poultry Show 3 Jun to 4 Jun, 2017
Manawatu Poultry Show 10 Jun to 11 Jun, 2017
Wairarapa Poultry Show 17 Jun to 18 Jun, 2017
Auckland Poultry Show 1 Jul to 2 Jul, 2017
Waikato Poultry Show 15 Jul to 16 Jul, 2017

South Island Poultry Shows

South Island Shows Date
North Canterbury Poultry Show 26 May to 27 May, 2017
Dunedin Poultry Show 27 May to 28 May, 2017
Nelson Poultry Show 3 Jun to 4 Jun, 2017
Milton Poultry Show 9 Jun to 10 Jun, 2017
Ashburton Poultry Show 16 Jun to 17 Jun, 2017
National Poultry Show 23 Jun to 25 Jun, 2017
Waimate Poultry Show 7 Jul to 8 Jul, 2017
Marlborough Poultry Show 14 Jul to 15 Jul, 2017
Oamaru Poultry Show 21 Jul to 22 Jul, 2017













Pecking Order Movie

Have you seen the Pecking Order Movie? Did you enjoy it?

If your answer to both questions is yes – please place feedback at the following sites:


Pecking Order will feature at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in late June/early July where there will be a lot of buyers. Let’s not deprive overseas viewers of seeing this true Kiwi classic. Let’s give overseas fanciers a helping hand with their shows.

Since the release of Pecking Order, the number of daily views at this website has increased dramatically. If this translates to more people visiting poultry shows that’s a very positive outcome for all fanciers.


Tips for the Big Show

3 weeks until penning!

It’s time to check on your precious birds. Some things need to be done now so they will look their best on the big day.

Toe nails:  if they are too long cut them now with secateurs, dog nail clippers or even a tin snip. Make sure you don’t cut off too much as it will bleed. Doing this chore now will ensure that the rough edges have worn off come show time.

Lice: A good dose of dog flea powder around the vent area will deal to lice now. A repeat dose a week before the show will kill what has hatched since the first dose, making sure your birds will be lice free at the show. There is nothing more annoying than coming to the show and finding that your bird has been disqualified for lice.

Rats and Mice: get a trap or poison to prevent them from stealing your birds’ feathers to line their nests. Birds with partially missing tail feathers don’t look very impressive in the show pen.

Scaly leg mite: It’s a bit late now for making their legs look as new but you can still make a difference by treating them with udder cream, petroleum jelly or similar. New scales won’t grow for the show but at least their legs will look reasonably tidy and your bird won’t be disqualified if the judge is convinced that the mites are dead and you have done what you could to get rid of these pests.





2017 South Island Poultry Show Dates

Dunedin Poultry Club

Show & Bird Sale is on 27 and 28 May

Forrester Park, North East Valley, Dunedin.

Opening Hours: Saturday 1pm – 6pm, Sunday 10.30am – 2.30pm


Oamaru Poultry, Pigeon & Canary Society

Show is on 21 and 22 July

Sports Hall, Itchen Street, Oamaru

Opening Hours:  Friday 2.00pm – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm


Milton Poultry Club

Show is on 9th & 10 June

Coronation Hall, Union Street, Milton

Opening Hours: Friday 2pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm


Waimate Poultry Club

Show is on 7 and 8 July

  1. & P. Showgrounds, Gorge Road, Waimate

Opening Hours: Friday from 2pm, Saturday 9am – 3pm.


Nelson Poultry and Pigeon Association

Show is on 3 and 4 June

Hope Hall, Main Road, Hope, Nelson


Ashburton Fanciers Society

Show is on 16 and 17 June

Sports Hall, Tancred St West, Ashburton

Opening Hours: Friday 2pm – 5pm, Saturday 10am to 3pm


North Canterbury Poultry & Pigeon Club

Show is 26 and 27 May

A & P Showgrounds, Ashley Street, Rangiora

Opening Hours: Friday 3pm – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 3.30pm


Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club

National Show is on  23 and 24 June

294 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, Christchurch

Opening Hours: Friday 1pm – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5.30pm


Email from Canada

Hello all

I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your stories with the world in the Pecking Order documentary.  I had the absolute pleasure of seeing it this morning here in Toronto Ontario Canada at a HotDocs screening.  I was invited by a friend and had no clue what I was going to see – what an absolute treat!  I loved every minute of it.  I laughed, groaned and might even have shed a happy tear or two.  You all opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about and I know that I will now look at chickens with a totally new level of respect and with different eyes.

Your love of your chickens shone through – thank you for sharing that with the rest of us.


Alisa Metcalfe

Toronto, Ontario



Mark, our president, replied:

Hi Alisa

Thanks for those kind words. We get to see it for the first time on Tuesday night at the New Zealand premiere. For me in particular it’s a time of nervous anticipation of what it’s going to be like and what we come across like so your words are very reassuring.

When this documentary filming process started I anticipated it would be shown locally and to now find that it is being shown on the international stage at film festivals is quite overwhelming at times.  I find myself in demand for media interviews which is a totally different world to where I normally operate.  So it is great to hear that an outsider to this world such as yourself (from the other side of the world) saw the documentary and really enjoyed it.  I appreciate that you took the time to send the email and let us know what you thought.

Kind Regards

Mark Lilley


Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club

Alisa’s reply to Mark’s email:

Hello Mark

The pleasure was sincerely all mine.  The documentary was very well received by the whole audience this morning so I think you can safely relax and sit back and enjoy your premiere showing.

In all honesty, I had absolutely no idea what it was about and within minutes of it starting I was enthralled.  Your world and love of chickens was beautifully captured but in a way that was real and poignant while also incredibly humorous and fun. 

I hope you love it as much as we all did.  Enjoy your moment in the spotlight – it is well deserved.



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