3 weeks until penning!

It’s time to check on your precious birds. Some things need to be done now so they will look their best on the big day.

Toe nails:  if they are too long cut them now with secateurs, dog nail clippers or even a tin snip. Make sure you don’t cut off too much as it will bleed. Doing this chore now will ensure that the rough edges have worn off come show time.

Lice: A good dose of dog flea powder around the vent area will deal to lice now. A repeat dose a week before the show will kill what has hatched since the first dose, making sure your birds will be lice free at the show. There is nothing more annoying than coming to the show and finding that your bird has been disqualified for lice.

Rats and Mice: get a trap or poison to prevent them from stealing your birds’ feathers to line their nests. Birds with partially missing tail feathers don’t look very impressive in the show pen.

Scaly leg mite: It’s a bit late now for making their legs look as new but you can still make a difference by treating them with udder cream, petroleum jelly or similar. New scales won’t grow for the show but at least their legs will look reasonably tidy and your bird won’t be disqualified if the judge is convinced that the mites are dead and you have done what you could to get rid of these pests.